Sec. 1.085 (a-1). Delivery of Certain Notices by E-Mail. [Effective January 1, 2024]
a) On the written request of the owner of a residential property that is occupied by the owner as the owner's principal residence, the chief appraiser of the appraisal district in which the property is located shall send each notice required by this title related to the following to the e-mail address of the owner:
(1) a change in value of the property;
(2) the eligibility of the property for an exemption;  or
(3) the grant, denial, cancellation, or other change in the status of an exemption or exemption application applicable to the property.
(b) A property owner must provide the e-mail address to which the chief appraiser must send the notices described by Subsection (a) in a request made under that subsection.
(c) A chief appraiser who delivers a notice electronically under this section is not required to mail the same notice to the property owner.
(d) A request made under this section remains in effect until revoked by the property owner in a written revocation filed with the chief appraiser.
(e) After a property owner makes a request under this section and before a chief appraiser may deliver a notice electronically under this section, the chief appraiser must send an e-mail to the address provided by the property owner confirming the owner's request to receive notices electronically.
(f) The chief appraiser of an appraisal district that maintains an Internet website shall provide a form on the website that a property owner may use to electronically make a request under this section.
If you would like to request to receive electronic communication, please fill out and submit the following form.  You can access the form under the 'Services" Tab -> Forms and is located under Misc. Forms. "Request for Electronic Delivery of Communication with a Tax Official". Print, complete and send by email to